Unsolved Murders

Gordon Miller

Age: 36

Sex: male

Date: 27 Nov 1995

Place: St Johns Gardens, Liverpool

Gordon Miller was found dead and naked in St John's Gardens by the Museum of Liverpool on the Monday morning, 27 November 1995.

He had been hit about the head multiple times with a blunt instrument which was never found.

Two men were arrested in relation to his murder, which was thought to have been homophobic in nature, but the charges against them were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Gordon Miller was a businessman and had been visiting Liverpool. He had a girlfriend but it was not known whether he was homosexual. The park however was known for having been used by homosexuals for cruising and gay sex.

The police said that they had a witness that had seen three men arguing violently in the park at about midnight

The police said that they thought that Gordon Miller might have either been attacked in an anti-gay attack or attacked by robbers as he went through the park back to his hotel.

However, they also said that it was a possibility that he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Although there was no indication that he had been sexually assaulted, he was naked, and his shirt and jeans were found wrapped round his head. His watch, which was said to have been expensive, credit cards and the money that he had had on him were also not taken.

He was an accounts manager from Oxford. He had come to Liverpool the previous night, Sunday 26 November 1995, for a business meeting the following morning. He had arrived at the Adelphi Hotel nearby and had left the hotel at about 8pm.

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