Unsolved Murders

Frederick William Albert Barnett

Age: 73

Sex: male

Date: 29 Dec 1995

Place: Hopewell Road, Bilton Grange Estate, Hull

Frederick William Albert Barnett 70 was beaten and stabbed in his kitchen.

Four men were convicted for his murder, but their convictions were quashed a year later. However, one of the men convicted died in prison about four months after being convicted. The other men were released about seven months later.

Frederick Barnett was known for selling black market tobacco and cigarettes from his home.

He was hit on the head repeatedly with a blunt instrument and stabbed several times and had his throat cut. He was found to have 21 cuts and bruises to his head and chest and was said to have been the victim of a sustained attack.

The pathologist said that his most significant injuries were a stab wound through his chest and lung and a wound across his throat that had cut his jugular vein, THe pathologist said that his throat had been possibly caused by a standard kitchen knife.

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