Unsolved Murders

David Williamson

Age: 58

Sex: male

Date: 26 Mar 2001

Place: Sutton-on-the-Forest, North Yorkshire

Source: www.yorkpress.co.uk

David Williamson was found unconscious in a lay-by by a footpath and later died.

A man was tried for his murder in 2002 but acquitted.

The layby which was on the Huby to Sutton-on-the-Forest road, north of York, was half a mile from his home in Milton House, Sutton-on-the-Forest.

He had a fractured skull and was taken to the Leeds General Infirmary where he later died without regaining consciousness.

It was said that he had gone along the footpath, which was a shortcut through the edge of a small wood at about 11.30pm on the previous Sunday night, 25 March 2017 after leaving a party that had been held at the nearby Star Inn in Huby. He was found at 5.30am the following morning, 26 March 2017.

The man that was tried for his murder was said to have made a confession whilst on a charge for burglary, but the judge ruled that his confession was inadmissible. It was said that he had given his confession whilst in a police cell during which it would have been required for a certain document to be completed and signed before any cell interview took place, however, the document was signed after the cell interview. The judge said that the document should have been signed before the interview and the interview should have been formally taped. The judge noted that there was no suggestion that there was any bad faith existing on behalf of the policemen in what they were seeking to do noting that they had been concerned at the time that if they had not continued talking to the man that he might have not gone ahead with his confession and then clammed up. The judge noted that although other taped interviews had been made, he did not think that the man would get a fair trial and noted that there was also no other corroborating evidence in the case. It was also noted that some parts of his confession did not fit the facts. In his confession he had said that he had dragged David Williamson along the street, but it was heard that the pathologist said that David Williamson's injuries did not support that assertion. It was also heard that the man had told police where he had buried an iron bar that he had used in the attack but that when the police went with him to find it, no iron bar could be found. The judge also noted that a defence psychiatrist had been told by the man that he had only confessed to get respect from the police so they didn't think he was a dickhead.

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