Unsolved Murders

Sarah Anne Lewin

Age: 35

Sex: female

Date: 14 Jan 1994

Place: Bradley Boulevard, Sheepridge

Sarah Anne Lewin was beaten to death in her home in the early hours of 14 January 1994.

The police said that they thought that Sarah Lewin had known her assailant and that she had let them into her flat and that she had been killed between 11pm on 13 January 1994 and 11.23am on 14 January 1994.

A neighbour said that she heard her scream at about 3am.

She was found later in the morning at 11.23am when a friend of hers called for coffee.

She had multiple injuries and it was thought that she had been beaten about the head by a heavy, pub-style glass ashtray in a sustained and violent assault. However, the police said that they did not have a clear motive for her murder.

After her murder, her assailant had apparently tried to make the house look normal, having switched off the light and pulling back curtains.

It was also thought that Sarah Lewin had been threatened or stalked prior to her murder and it was heard that she had been frightened in the days leading up to it so much so that she had put her children into care so that they would not be in harm's way. Her two children were aged nine and four at the time of her murder.

The police said that her killer might have been after drugs or money.

Her family said that Sarah Lewin had been supplying amphetamines to friends on the council estate she lived on and that her murder was related to that. One of her brothers said, 'She knew that someone was going to come and get her. She put her two kids into foster care because she didn’t want them around as she knew something was going to happen. I believe drugs got her into trouble. It’s got to be somebody she knew well - someone who had been to her house before and someone who lived on the estate'.

Sarah Lewin had moved to Sheepridge from Bradley about six months earlier and it was said that she lived on the fringes of the drugs scene in Huddersfield and was only supplying amphetamines locally for small sums of money.

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