Unsolved Murders

Glenn Ford

Age: 35

Sex: male

Date: 23 Nov 1993

Place: Adderley Road/Landor Street, Saltley, Birmingham

Source: www.thefreelibrary.com

Glenn Ford was shot several times. He was found in a factory yard off Adderley Road in Saltley, Birmingham.

The police said that they thought that he had been lured to a deserted factory and then shot. He was shot at close range in the head and chest with a 9mm firearm.

He had lived with his girlfriend and two children on the 13th floor of Pioneer House in Adelaide Street, Hillfields and was last seen leaving there at about 11pm on 22 November 1993.

His body was found in the factory yard the following day. The yard was part of a former steel storage facility.

Two men were charged with his murder in June 2010 and another two charged in connection with it, but they were all released in October 2010 after the Crown Prosecution Service said that they didn't think that there was a realistic possibility of a conviction.

Glenn Ford was unemployed at the time.

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