Unsolved Murders

Pamela Wheeler

Age: 76

Sex: female

Date: 20 Jul 2012

Place: Newacres Road, Thamesmead, South-East London

Pamela Wheeler was murdered in her home.

A suspect was identified but no charges were made.

When she was found her wrists and ankles had been tied.

She had been suffocated and had received head injuries and had injuries to her arms suggesting that she had struggled during the attack. Her cause of death was given as suffocation and head injury.

The police said that they also saw signs of a struggle and found that some of her property was missing. They also found several credit cards that had been left scattered about her home and thought that she had also been tortured for their PIN numbers.

She was found two days after she died by a neighbour who said that they had not seen her in a few days and noticed that her back door was ajar. The neighbour said that they knocked at her front door at about 10.30am on 22 July 2012 but got no reply and then went back again at 6.25pm and knocked again and that after getting no reply they went round the back and went in to find Pamela Wheeler dead on a bed and covered with a duvet.

It was thought that she had been tortured by someone that wanted her money. It was heard that she had hidden her money in a safe because she didn't trust banks and that she had been tortured for the combination.

She was last seen at a local Morrison's supermarket on 9 July 2012.

Her neighbours said that they noticed that she had not left food out for the cats on the morning of Friday 20 July 2012 as she normally did.

The police said that they thought that it was possible that her killers might have jumped over her back-garden wall and then forced their way in.

Pamela Wheeler's husband had died earlier in 2010 and she had recently recovered from breast cancer.

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