Unsolved Murders

Mithat Lleshi

Age: 23

Sex: male

Date: 7 Jul 2001

Place: Grosvenor Centre, Northampton

Source: www.northamptonchron.co.uk

Mithat Lleshi was stabbed outside a shopping centre.

He was involved in a fight with six men on the walkway between the shopping centre and the bus station during which he was stabbed. He was found by a security guard who tried to give him first aid and was then taken to Northampton General Hospital were surgery was carried out but died six hours later.

A friend that he had been with who received three stab wounds to his backside survived and later went back to Albania. At Mithat Lleshi's inquest it was heard that the man had visited Mithat Lleshi's family and told them that he knew who had killed Mithat Lleshi and that he would be seeking revenge.

CCTV footage showed a group of men in the Grosvenor Centre on the ground floor waiting and then asking the man outside. It was said that he first refused to go outside but then left the shopping centre with Mithat Lleshi and they were not seen on CCTV again.

Mithat Lleshi was an Albanian asylum seeker and the six men involved in the fight were also thought to have been Albanian although they were never caught. It was reported in August 2005 that three of the men had been arrested in Albania and that it was thought that they might go on trial there. There was no extradition treaty with Albania. However, in August 2017 his death was still being reported as unsolved.

It was said that they had been identified from CCTV footage with help from the Asylum Support Team as well as the Albanian Immigration Service, the community, an appeal on the Crimewatch television program and through Albanian forums and functions.

The Northampton bus station has now been demolished.

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