Unsolved Murders

Cheung Shing Cheung

Age: 51

Sex: male

Date: 15 May 2004

Place: Pine Court, Claughton Road, Birkenhead

Source: www.liverpoolecho.co.uk

Cheung Shing Cheung was found dead in his living room. He had been battered and strangled, probably with a wire.

He was a money lender from Hong Kong and was well-known around casinos in Liverpool.

The police were notified by two of his friends on 15 May 2004 at 1am after they were unable to contact him. Firemen were called out to his flat and they forced open a window and found him dead inside on the floor covered with his bedding.

He was last seen on 13 May 2004 at about 10.20pm by one of his neighbours. He had earlier been to the Stanley casino on Renshaw Street in Liverpool at 6pm. The neighbour said that they later heard men's raised voices at about 2am on 14 May 2004 and then a scream before it went quiet.

Two men were tried for his murder but acquitted. It was said that they had been the two men that had been heard arguing with Cheung Cheung.

He lived in Hong Kong but had spent several years on and off living in the United Kingdom in the Liverpool area where he lent out money. In 2004, he had returned to Liverpool from Hong Kong to make more money. He was registered as unemployed but would lend money out to people in the Chinese community and charge interest.

At the time, he was living in a flat in Pine Court in Birkenhead with some other people from the Far East.

During their investigation, the police called in Interpreters and printed leaflets in Cantonese and Mandarin appealing to the local community.

He had received multiple blows to his head with a blunt instrument and strangled.

He was also known as Alfay.

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