Unsolved Murders

Andrew Birjukov

Age: 37

Sex: male

Date: 14 Sep 1993

Place: Two Brewers Pub, Penny Hill, Catford

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Andrew Birjukov was shot in a pub.

He had been sat in the Two Brewers Pub in Penny Hill, Catford, southeast London on 14 September 1993 when a man dressed in black walked in at about 7.45pm and sprayed a group of drinkers with gunfire.

Andrew Birjukov had been sitting on a bar stool talking to two friends when the pub doors where opened and the man came in. The man was hooded and had been wearing black from head to toe and was described in the court as the 'killer in black'. He then fired at the group of drinkers that Andrew Birjukov was amongst.

Andrew Birjukov was shot five times with a .32 Smith and Wesson gun.

It was said that the only words that Andrew Birjukov could say before he was shot were, 'Oh no, not a gun!'.

After shooting Andrew Birjukov, the gunman ran out but was chased by another man and the gunman turned to shoot the man chasing him, and then got into the back of a motorcycle and was driven away.

Andrew Birjukov was taken to Lewisham Hospital where he later died.

The police said that they thought that the gunman was a hired assassin but said that they had no idea why anyone would want to shoot Andrew Birjukov.

The Two Brewers Pub in Penny Hill was described as a quiet family pub.

Andrew Birjukov was an unemployed builder and bricklayer from West Wickham in Kent.

It was said that Andrew Birjukov had left home at about 9am on the morning of 14 September 1993 with a man. However, Andrew Birjukov's wife said that she didn't know anything more about the man.

She added that Andrew Birjukov had been worried about things, including the death of their son four years earlier and money, but that she had no idea why anyone would want to kill him.

The police said that they took 109 statements and followed up 438 leads but had still not caught anyone. They said that they were unable to find a motive for his murder.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

see Newcastle Journal - Thursday 16 September 1993, p7