Unsolved Murders

Bartosz Maryszczak

Age: 26

Sex: male

Date: 25 Jan 2009

Place: 77 Clarendon Gardens, Wembley

Bartosz Maryszczak was stabbed to death at his flat.

Three men stood trial for his murder but were acquitted.

He was said to have been stabbed by three masked men whilst in bed. His flatmate was also stabbed in the back but survived.

It was said that there had been a row sometime earlier when a third flatmate had asked to borrow some money from Bartosz Maryszczak from the other flatmate at 1am but they had refused.  It was said that after being refused the third flatmate had slammed the door rudely and that the other flatmate that had been stabbed was upset by his rudeness and had gone outside and smashed the window to the third flatmates bedroom whilst he had been in bed with his girlfriend.

Soon after it was said that the three masked men had entered the flat and stabbed Bartosz Maryszczak through the heart and attacked the other flatmate.

Bartosz Maryszczak was taken to Northwick Park Hospital but died at 3.55am.

When the third flatmate was questioned he had blamed the second flatmate for the murder.

The third flatmate and two other men were tried for his murder but acquitted.

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