Unsolved Murders

Kenneth McAllister

Age: 42

Sex: male

Date: 21 Jan 1994

Place: Colwyn Bay, North Wales

Source: www.thefreelibrary.com

Kenneth McAllister was beaten to death with an iron bar in his bedsit.

A neighbour was acquitted of his murder in May 1994. It was noted that whilst the neighbour had been on remand for the murder of Kenneth McAllister in HMP Walton in Liverpool he had gone on hunger strike for 52 days, stating that there was a police vendetta against him, almost killing himself.

At the trial the prosecution said that the neighbour had been obsessed with the idea that Kenneth McAllister was central in a Satanic paedophile ring.

It was also heard that the neighbour was alleged to have boasted about putting someone 'six feet under'.

It was heard that the neigbour later went to his aunt and uncle's home in Deganwy and attacked them with an 18-inch iron bar for which he was convicted of wounding with intent and causing grievous bodily harm with intent. During the assault he was said to have said, 'I've come to kill you. I've put one six feet under and now it's your turn'. Whilst on remand for the trial over the assault on his aunt and uncle he again went on hunger-strike, as he did in 1994, stating that there was a police vendetta against him.

However, after the neighbour was sentenced for the assault against his aunt and uncle, the police said that they would not be reopening Kenneth McAllister's case.

Kenneth McAllister was unemployed.

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