Unsolved Murders

Robert Gordon Keetley

Age: 37

Sex: male

Date: 28 Apr 2007

Place: River Trent, Trent Bridge, Embankment, The Meadows, Nottingham

Source: www.nottinghampost.com

Robert Keetley was found dead in the River Trent after a night out in Nottingham.

It was thought that he had either been robbed and pushed into the river, or that he had been robbed and had fled his attackers and had somehow got into the water.

Three people were arrested in connection with his murder in 2008 but were all later released without charge after the Crown Prosecution Service said that there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone.

He had lived in Royston Close in the Meadows, Nottingham and was a production worker at the Riverside Bakery nearby. He was reported missing on 28 April 2007 and later found in the River Trent near Trent Bridge on 8 May 2007.

He was last seen at the New Foresters pub in St Ann’s Street at about 2.40am on 28 April 2007 and then later seen on CCTV in Huntingdon Street walking along the road.

When his body was recovered from the river, several of his personal items were missing, in particular his:

  • mobile phone.
  • Armani watch.
  • gold chain with a letter R pendant.

His inquest returned a verdict of unlawful killing, but his exact cause of death was uncertain, although believed to have been due to drowning.

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