Unsolved Murders

Theresa Jacobs

Age: 33

Sex: female

Date: 9 Nov 2002

Place: The Drum, Ilkeston Road, Radford

Source: www.nottinghampost.com

Theresa Jacobs was shot in the back of the head outside the Drum Club on Ilkeston Road in Nottingham.

The police said that she was deliberately targetted in part of a drugs war in Nottingham and shot at point-blank range in an execution style killing.

She was shot outside the club at 2.20am with a single bullet after just leaving by a man that was said to have come out from some nearby industrial units on Bulwer Road. He had run up to Theresa Jacobs, shot her, and then ran off along Ilkeston Road towards Nottingham.

The man was wearing a hooded top and was thought to have used a handgun.

She was taken to the Queen's Medical Centre by ambulance where she was stabilised with painkillers and emergency surgery was carried out, but she died later that day in the intensive care unit.

There were said to have been about 40 people outside the club at the time yet only a handful of witnesses came forward.

Theresa Jacobs had been to the nightclub with a male friend.

She had lived on Courtleet Way in Bulwell and had three children.

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