Unsolved Murders

Kevin Malcolm Coniam

Age: 36

Sex: male

Date: 5 Oct 1992

Place: Peafield Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse

Kevin Malcolm Coniam was found dead in the back of his gold T-reg Volvo Estate car in an isolated woodland off Peafield Lane in Mansfield Woodhouse.

He had head and neck injuries and it was thought that his murder was related to his drug addiction.

He had been driving HGVs since 1988 and worked for a couple of agencies and used to make regular trips to Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. However, some of the companies that he worked for said that they became suspicious after they found that Kevin Coniam consistently took longer to complete his journeys than expected and reported their suspicions to the police.

Kevin Coniam was noted as having a distinctive Cockney accent. He was 6ft tall, 11 stone and had fair hair.

In August 2020 an unconfirmed account of the events was given to the author detailing alleged events around Kevin Coniam's death. The following is wholly unverified, but it was claimed that Kevin Coniam had arrived at the woodland near the haystack where he met a group of five youths who were smoking marijauna and that he communicated with them and might or might not have made a sexual advance towards one or more of them. It was then said that the youths assaulted him and left him in the woodland and went home. It was said that one of them, the August 202 source went back about three hours later to see what had become of Kevin Coniam after the assault and that when he got there he saw a an older local man near Kevin Coniam who then strangled Kevin Coniam with a ligature. The source sid that the man was in his 60s. He said that he nad the youths were questioned by the police over the assault which was descrubed as 'misadventure' but that they were not charged based on the fact that Kevin Coniam's deth occured by strangulation several hours after the assault. However, whilst the source said that he mentioned the 60-year-old man's name in 1992 to the police, who assured him that the man was not involved, he had not told them that he had seen the man do it. Nothing more is known about the man's claims.

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