Unsolved Murders

Sheila Elsie Margaret Egner

Age: 62

Sex: female

Date: 26 Jul 1991

Place: Yeomans Army Stores, Mansfield Road, Basford

Source: www.nottinghampost.com

Sheila Egner was killed in the Yeomans Army Stores, in Mansfield Road.

A robber walked into the store and hit her on the head with a bottle or hammer and then took the tray out of the till and wrapped it up in some green cloth and walked out of the store. The till had about £250 in it.

Sheila Egner was seen in the shop at about 1.50pm on 27 July 1991 by a couple who had gone into her shop looking for some trousers at which time they said that she seemed quite happy and cheerful.

Soon after, at about 2.10pm, another woman went into the shop and said that she saw a scruffy looking man in there asking Sheila Egner about military badges. She said that she then left, and the police thought that it was soon after that that Sheila Egner was murdered.

Shortly after that, a woman who had been on a 55 bus going up Mansfield Road said that as the bus stopped at some lights, she saw a man come out of the Yeomans Army Stores, noting that he was rough looking and that his hair was a mess and adding that the thing that she noticed about him the most was that he was carrying something under his arm.

The man was walking in the direction of Nottingham city centre and several other people also saw him.

Two girls that were talking towards the Arboretum, a park, said that they saw the man and commented to each other over how he looked like a bit of a weirdo. They said that they both noticed him and thought that he looked very peculiar, mainly for what he was carrying which they said looked like it was stolen, noting that they looked like paintings wrapped up. They added that he looked very scruffy, peculiar and didn't seem at ease with the parcel that he was carrying.

They said that he was about 5ft 10in tall, with quite a slim build, and had quite a weather-beaten image and face.

Meanwhile, from about 2.30pm, customers calling at the Yeomans Army Stores found it locked and apparently empty.

It was thought that the man might have then passed the Forest Recreation Ground where preparations were in progress for a rock concert the next day.

However, later, at about 2.45pm, the man was seen again about a mile and a half away from the shop in Silverdale Road in the Baseford area of Nottingham.

A woman that lived in Silverdale Road said that at that time she was walking up to a friend’s house and saw the man walking along, saying that he looked suspicious, noting to her friend that he looked as though he had a video hidden under his arm. The woman said that he looked very hot and sweaty and that he had sweat dripping down his face and was really scruffy. The woman said that as he carried on walking down the other side of the road, she noticed that he had a black bin liner in his other pocket.

A while later, at about 4.50pm, a concerned shopkeeper called the police who came out to the Yeomans Army Stores and then found Sheila Egner dead inside.

They found that Sheila Egner had died from blows to the head and that the drawer from the till was missing which had contained about £250.

The cash till itself was found the following day in the Rest Gardens just off the main ring road in the Baseford area.

When the police released a description of the man, they said that he was aged between 40 and 50 years, about 5ft 10in tall, with a slim build and was scruffily dressed with a weather beaten face and grey straggly hair.

The police said that they carried out 25,000 hours of enquiries and interviewed dozens of bus drivers and about 3,000 cab drivers during their investigation.

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