Unsolved Murders

Florence Ansell

Age: 90

Sex: female

Date: 3 Apr 2001

Place: Blakesware Gardens, Enfield, North London

Source: www.stormfront.org

Florence Ansell was beaten to death.

A man was charged but was cleared because there were no witnesses.

She had been punched in the face and then dragged to the ground on 14 March 2001 and then left lying in the street. she was taken to hospital where she died 20 days later on Tuesday 3 April 2001.

Her attacker got away with £30.

Florence Ansell suffered from fractures to her shoulder and pelvis which later caused deep vein thrombosis to flare up resulting in her death.

The man that was tried, who was said to have been a heroin addict and to have robbed her for money for drugs, was arrested after it was said that he had told a friend that he had 'robbed an old granny'. However, it was heard in court that the friend was an unreliable witness and that there was otherwise insufficient evidence to link the man to Florence Ansell's death.

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