Unsolved Murders

Mohammed Ashraf

Age: 46

Sex: male

Date: 4 Oct 1993

Place: Palmerston Road, Forest Gate

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Mohammed Ashraf was found dead on some wasteland having been stabbed 60 times.

A 21-year-old man was tried for his murder but acquitted.

It was heard that he had helped Mohammed Ashraf set up life insurance policies worth £225,000 with Allied Dunbar and General Accident, a month before he was murdered and that although he had a wife and three children, the sole beneficiary of the will had been the man that set it up for him. It was also heard that that man suspected of his murder had set up the direct debit mandates from his own bank account, saying that Mohammed Ashraf, who he described as his uncle, didn't have a bank account. However, at his trial, the man's defence noted that the man had not claimed on the insurance policies.

Mohammed Ashraf easiest seen alive on 4 October 1993, a month before the policies on his life came into effect. He was found three weeks later on wasteland.

He was from Palmerston Road in Forest Gate.

At the trial, the man blamed Mohammed Ashref's murder on the boss of a shop in Brixton that they had both previously worked at, and who had fired Mohammed Ashraf because he had thought that he had been stealing from him.

At the trial the prosecution said that the murder must have been carried out by two men and said that the man on trial who set up the life insurance policies had arranged it.

However, the court heard that there was no evidence linking the man to the murder of Mohammed Ashraf, only suspicion.

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