Unsolved Murders

Amanda Duncan

Age: 26

Sex: female

Date: 3 Jul 1993

Place: Ipswich

Amanda Duncan was a prostitute who disappeared in the Ipswich area.

She was last seen on 2 July 1993 around midnight and was reported missing the following day, 3 July 1993.

She had lived in Balliol Close, Woodbridge and had two children.

She had gone into Ipswich on the night of 2 July 1993 to work as a prostitute in the red-light-district there, and had first called at an address on the London Road there at about 11.10pm to buy some drugs which it was said she was going to finalise after she had finished work, but never did.

After visiting the property in London Road, she was given a lift to Portman Road at 11.30pm. She was due to be collected again about an hour later.

She was last seen there around midnight talking to a man in a blue or green Ford Sierra car in Portman's Walk. It was noted that the driver of the car was never traced.

When the police later went to her home in Balliol Close, they said that they found an anonymous note threatening her life if she failed to 'pay up'.

The police said that they had identified about 17 people of interest and about 9 possible sites that her body might have been disposed at. However, they said that they never identified any suspects or found her body.

During a case review, the police said that they had carried out proof-of-life inquiries but that she had never appeared anywhere on the radar.

In a 2018 review, the police said that they thought that there were people that had been very close to Amanda Duncan that knew or suspected what had became of her, referring to her friends and people that she associated closely with.

The police noted that Amanda Duncan had two children and said, 'She was a very good mother, her children were well dressed, well cared for and to just disappear with a nine-month-old child at home is not really a possibility'.

They also said, 'It's very difficult to conduct your life vanishing out of thin air. People need to use banking and telephones and all the things we need to have a daily life'.

It was noted that a red Ford Orion car with a noisy exhaust or engine that had been seen in the area driven by a man aged 25 to 30 years at about 11.50pm was later traced and its driver questioned and eliminated from the police enquiry.

Amanda Duncan was described as being white, about 5ft 7in tall, of medium build and with shoulder-length fair hair. She was also noted as having a heart-shaped tattoo on her upper left arm.

When she went missing, she had been wearing a black leather bomber jacket, a pink sleeveless knee-length dress, and a gold cross and chain.

The police said that they took 243 witness statements and had searched the River Gipping and other areas in the course of their investigation.

She was also known as Mandy Duncan.

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