Unsolved Murders

Andre Blackman

Age: 25

Sex: male

Date: 1 Nov 1992

Place: Roots Pool Community Hall, Millers Terrace, Stoke Newington

Andre Blackman was shot at a party at the Roots Pool Community Hall in Stoke Newington.

A man was convicted of his murder in August 1993 but later appealed in November 1994 and had his conviction quashed. It was claimed that the judge had not properly directed the jury in his summing up.

Andre Blackman was shot dead at a farewell party for a Jamaican man at the community hall and another man was wounded.

It was said that Andre Blackman and the man acquitted of his murder had had an argument at the bar after which the man had gone out and got a 13-shot automatic pistol and come back and shot Andre Blackman and then shot another man in the stomach. It was also heard that a stray bullet had also hit another man.

There had been about 200 people in the venue at the time and after the shooting they all fled.

At the trial, the man that was tried said that he had not been at the party.

It was heard that a female crack dealer who at the time of the trial was serving four years for drug offences said that she had seen the man there. However, at the appeal the crack dealer admitted that she could not remember many details from the night, and it was also heard that the hall had been dimly lit. It was also heard that the man that was shot in the stomach picked out the wrong person at an identification parade and that other people gave differing descriptions of the gunman. It was further noted that the disc jockey at the event said that the man tried was not there at all.

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