Unsolved Murders

Sarbjeet Bassi

Age: 32

Sex: male

Date: 27 Jan 1995

Place: Pier Road, North Woolwich

Sarbjeet Bassi was found dead with head injuries on Pier Road, North Woolwich.

His two brothers were tried for his murder at the Old Bailey, but the trial was abandoned.

They had denied murdering him.

Sarbjeet Bassi died from head injuries.

The trial was abandoned after the Crown met in camera and determined that there was not a realistic prospect of securing a conviction.

It was also heard that the details of the case were not disclosed for the protection of a witness or witnesses and in conclusion to avoid a certain type of mischief.

It was further noted that the process was highly unusual as ordinarily the Crown would be required to seek approval from the trial judge, but noted that in this case they didn't, the Crown stating that they were in possession of all the facts and the judge was not. It was further noted that the Crown had made that decision after reviewing the matter at the highest level with three Crown Prosecution Service lawyers including a senior lawyer from headquarters and the senior police officer.

The Crown said that they were aware that the matter involved a murder that would remain unsolved. The details of the murder were not given in court.

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