Unsolved Murders

Una Crown

Age: 86

Sex: female

Date: 13 Jan 2013

Place: Magazine Lane, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Una Crown was stabbed and burned at her bungalow in Magazine Lane, Wisbech on 13 January 2013.

She was found dead in the hallway.

She had been stabbed repeatedly in the chest and neck, but her death was not initially thought to be suspicious and as a result the crime scene had become contaminated and forensic evidence was lost. Her injuries were not found until 48 hours after her body was found. After the pathologist found her injuries, he said that they should have been obvious to the police from the start. One of the policemen that had been first to the scene said that he saw no signs of a forced entry and said that her death had looked accidental.

She was found dead in her hallway with her clothes burnt to a crisp. and the police said that they first thought that she had accidentally set fire to herself.

It was thought that she had let her killer or killers into her property.

It was thought that she had been stabbed with a knife taken from her home, but the murder weapon was never found.

As well as the stab wounds, she had deep gashes on her torso that were caused by a tight scarf.

She was last known to have spoken to a friend on the phone at about 5pm on Saturday 12 January 2013 and last seen sometime earlier when she did some shopping at Tesco. Her body was found the following morning by relatives.

Several arrests were made but no one was charged.

The police said that they thought that someone in the community held the vital information needed to solve her murder. Una Crown's niece said that she thought that her murder would have been solved if it were not for 'big mistakes' in the police investigation.

In January 2023 it was announce that the police had received fresh leads into her murder and on 23 February 2023 it was reported that a 45-year-old, who had been arrested in connection with Eliza Bibby's murder on 12 January 2023 and who had previously been a suspect in Una Crown's murder, had died whilst on remand for a commercial burglary. He had been bailed in connection with the murder of Eliza Bibby and the commercial burglary charge was unrelated.

Then, in April 2024 a man was arrested on suspicion of her murder and later charged on 23 May 2024.

She had been a postmistress.

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