Unsolved Murders

Joseph Burke-Monerville

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 16 Feb 2013

Place: Hindrey Road, Clapton, London

Joseph Burke-Monerville was shot while sitting in a car on 16 February 2013.

Three men were tried for his murder in May 2015 at the Old Bailey but were acquitted due to a lack of evidence. It was heard that the case hinged on a single witness.

Much of the incident was caught on CCTV.

Joseph Burke-Monerville had been with his two brothers aged 33 and 20, to the gym and were on their way home in a car when they made a diversion to stop off at a shop to collect some winnings from a scratch card.

The car was stopped in Hindrey Road and almost immediately, at about 8.20pm two men approached them and asked if they were from Pembury. When they said they weren’t, the gunman stood back and shot at them through the car window which was rolled down. Joseph Burke-Monerville was shot in the head and his 33-year-old brother was shot in the arm. His other brother was unharmed.

The men then ran off and the brothers then drove up the road where they flagged down a police car.

Joseph Burke-Monerville was then airlifted to hospital but died at 11.20pm.

The two men had been wearing baseball caps and bandanas to hide their features. They had also been wearing baggy clothing.

When the two men ran off they were said to have gone into Hindrey Road from Shellness Road and then turned left onto Clarence Road. They had then gone off along Hindrey Road to Clarence Road and then through the Pembury Estate onto Pembury Road and then into Downes Road and were last seen going off into Downes Park.

Nine men were arrested after the incident, but only three were charged, although they were acquitted.

At the inquest, it was heard that the shooting was the culmination of a feud between the Amhurst Road (A-Road) gang and the local gang from the Pembury Estate in which the Amhurst Road gang had wanted revenge for an earlier shooting.

Joseph Burke-Monerville was a Nigerian prince. He had studied at a boarding school in Nigeria after which he had come to the United Kingdom to study crime scene and forensic investigations at the London Metropolitan University and was halfway through his first year.

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