Unsolved Murders

Mark Wade

Age: 22

Sex: male

Date: 27 Sep 1998

Place: Stratford Shopping Centre, East London

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Mark Wade was stabbed in a fight near Stratford Shopping Centre.

A man was tried but found not guilty.

It was claimed that the man had stabbed Mark Wade and another man in the street following a petty row. It was heard that the stab injuries were almost identical but that the other man survived.

Within 48 hours of the murder the man tried flew out to Istanbul in Turkey.

When he was returned for trial he said that it wasn't him that stabbed Mark Wade and his friend but another person he was with, who he named.

It was said that after the man had stabbed Mark Wade he had then stabbed the other man and laughed and said, 'I actually did it, I stabbed him.'.

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