Unsolved Murders

Andrew Boland

Age: 35

Sex: male

Date: 24 Mar 2004

Place: Brigade Drive, Stretford, Greater Manchester

Andrew Boland was shot outside his house on Brigade Drive, Stretford, Greater Manchester.

He was shot by two masked men at his house, four hours after he had returned from a trip to Las Vegas.

It was thought that he was murdered over a drugs debt.

On his way back from the airport he had received a hostile call asking him where the money was. When he got back the two masked gunmen called and after being let in by Andrew Boland's son, went into the livingroom where they shouted at him 'Where's the money?'. Andrew Boland tried to back off and throw a speaker at the men but they shot him in the chest.

They then fled in a getaway car that had been waiting outside.

Andrew Boland was taken to Trafford General Hospital but died soon after.

A man was later tried for providing the getaway car for the gunmen but was acquitted.

Andrew Boland was said to have been associated with a UK national who had been involved with drug dealing in the United States and had been the leader of a gang that had flooded Florida and Arizona with the drug ecstasy and who was serving a 22-year prison sentence in the US.

However, his murder was thought to have been due to a local issue in the Trafford area. The police said that rumours had circulated for years about who the murderers were but that they could not prosecute on rumours. They said that they had faced a wall of silence.

Andrew Boland was known as Bo.

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