Unsolved Murders

Onome Uwanogho

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 21 Mar 1998

Place: Zar Bar, Lewisham

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Onome Uwanogho was stabbed twice on the dance floor at the Zar Bar.

A man was tried for his murder at the Old Bailey but was cleared after the jury failed to reach a verdict. The man had said that he had only punched Onome Uwanogho in self-defence with his fist after Onome Uwanogho had punched him. The man tried denied that he had used a knife and said that after he had punched Onome Uwanogho, he had almost immediately been bundled by bouncers into the ladies' toilets.

Onome Uwanogho had been stabbed in the heart. The knife was never found. None of the witnesses in the bar saw Onome Uwanogho being stabbed.

The court heard that the man charged had stabbed him in the heart with a flick knife.

It was said that he was stabbed because of group rivalry and an earlier altercation two weeks earlier. It was said that during the earlier altercation the man that was tried had said to Onome Uwanogho, 'It is a small world, I will see you again, I will remember your face'.

During the investigation the police found a different knife with someone else’s blood on it.

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