Unsolved Murders

Jaswant Singh Sandhu

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 26 May 1995

Place: Blackwood, Gwent, Lancashire

Jaswant Singh Sandhu was shot at his market stall in Blackwood.

He was shot once at point blank range in the chest as he was shutting up his families clothing stall in the market on the evening of 26 May 1995 at about 6.15pm.

A fellow trader, aged 22, was suspected of his murder, but the police have not been able to find him. After the murder, the fellow trader took a taxi to Newport where he was engaged by the police in an armed siege, but he escaped.

It was noted that Jaswant Sandhu had earlier on had a row with another man over the price of T-shirts.

The police have carried out investigations in Oldham in their search for the fellow trader who they still describe as the main suspect, as well as in Germany, Islamabad and Pakistan. However, in 2002 the police said that they thought that the fellow trader had returned to the United Kingdom but they could still not find him.

However, a man was arrested in Pakistan in June 2022 in connection with his murder.

Jaswant Sandhu had two daughters.

He was known as Jas.

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