Unsolved Murders

Elizabeth Anderson Brydges

Age: 44

Sex: female

Date: 26 Jan 1902

Place: 56 Clifton Terrace, Margate

Elizabeth Brydges died from a fractured skull.

Her husband was charged with her manslaughter but no evidence was offered and he was acquitted.

The family had been at their home in Walworth eating dinner on 27 December 1901 when Elizabeth Brydges's husband started to grumble and the family had to leave the table. He had tried to prevent the daughter from leaving the room but Elizabeth Brydges got between them. Later the husband struck the son.

After that Elizabeth Brydges and her husband were left in the room alone after which Elizabeth Brydges came out looking dazed and ill. The servant asked what was wrong and Elizabeth Brydges said 'Oh nothing, I feel ill and faint'. She also said that her husband had gone for her head and she had knocked him over. After that incident the Police were called after-which her husband was quiet.

Later on New Years Day she was found in an unconscious state and afterwards taken to Margate where she died on 26 January 1902 from a fractured skull.

Her husband denied that he had struck her and said that she must have fainted and struck herself falling. Elizabeth Brydges had said that she believed that he had assaulted her but that she didn't recall much.

The court heard that Elizabeth Brydges was not a muscular woman and was not likely to strike her husband. She was also said she had suffered from headaches which were due mainly to the upsets that she was subject to. They also heard that she was in the habit of covering up for him.

Her husband himself was a heavy drinker and Elizabeth Brydges frequently complained about him when he was in drink. When Elizabeth Brydges was found on New Years day her husband was himself found to be in a state bordering on delirium tremens.

The court also heard that after a drinking bout he would normally be quiet and stay  home for one or two weeks.

However, he was a handsome and well educated man and had been one of the most popular men in Newington in the London Borough of Southwark. He was a member of the old Newington Vestry and rendered a good service in Newington as a library commissioner.

Elizabeth Brydges had been a London school mistress earning £280/year.

Clifton Terrace was the row of houses opposite Dalby Road which is now called Northdown Road. The terrace still exists but is being used as shops. It is opposite the church on the south side of the road.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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