Unsolved Murders

Ivan Emmanuel Campbell

Age: 73

Sex: male

Date: 16 Apr 2012

Place: Victoria Nursing Home, Anson Road, Rusholme

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Ivan Emmanuel Campbell died from non-accidental internal injuries at the Victoria Nursing Home in Anson Road where he was a resident.

His inquest in 2015 heard that he had been kicked, punched and stamped on.

A male care worker was arrested on suspicion of his murder on 27 March 2013, a year after Ivan Campbell died, but later released without charge.

The Coroner's inquest, held on 4 September 2015, heard that Ivan Campbell had suffered catastrophic injuries whilst in the care home, sustaining injuries that could only have resulted from a physical assault.

The pathologist that carried out his post-mortem said that his liver was almost split in two in a similar way to injuries typically caused by punching, kicking and stamping. He gave his cause of death as being an abdominal haemorrhage due to a ruptured liver, caused by a compressive injury to his abdomen. It was heard that his injuries, which included a broken rib, could have been caused by a single blow.

The Coroner said that he was satisfied that Ivan Campbell had been unlawfully assaulted and returned a verdict of unlawful killing. He said, 'I am satisfied so that I am sure that the only explanation is that Mr Campbell had been unlawfully assaulted. It seems to me that the only possibility is an unlawful act of manslaughter'. He added that it was remote and unlikel that his injuries had resulted from an accident.

It was further noted that he had not fallen and had been a resident on the ground floor.

The male care worker who was arrested for Ivan Campbell's murder had been on the night shift looking after Ivan Campbell, who suffered from dementia, at the care home. Ivan Campbell was found the following morning with his serious injuries and it was thought that he had suffered from a fit or a seizure and he was taken to the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

However, the male care worker said that nothing untoward happened to Ivan Campbell and denied assaulting him.

Ivan Campbell's had been in the care home since June 2007 and required constant care at the home and needed help washing and getting into and out of bed. He also had limited communication control.

The Victoria Nursing Home was a private home that specialised in caring for people with complex mental health needs. There were about 21 residents at the home at the time.

It was reported that another resident in the care home had also reported being assaulted and receiving a broken rib.

Ivan Campbell was a retired factory worker with two daughters and had been born in Jamaica.

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