Unsolved Murders

Kadar Hussein

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 8 May 2013

Place: Kenilworth Road, Penge

Kadar Hussein was shot in the back of the head at 7.57pm on the corner of Kenilworth Road and Westbury Road. He died 12 hours later.

A youth was tried for his murder at the Old Bailey on 12 March 2014 but acquitted on 27 March 2014.

It was said that the youth had been seen soon after the shot was fired standing with his arm outstretched and holding what looked like a black sock.

Kadar Hussein was shot as reached a carpark in Royston Field off of Snowdown Close, at around 8pm, whilst heading for his grandmother's house with some friends. He had just met three other friends at about 7.45pm and they had all been walking across Royston Field together.

As they were walking across the field, they encountered, by chance, three other youths coming from the other direction, one of whom was the youth that was tried for the murder. Kadar Hussein had started to walk ahead of his friends as he wanted to take a call on his mobile phone. It was said that the other youth was slightly behind his friends and that there was then a shot and Kadar Hussein was hit in the back of the head from a range of 10 to 15 meters.

The bullet had entered through the left side of his head and passed through his brain.

Kadar Hussein's friends said that when they heard the shot they ran towards the car park and saw Kadar Hussein lying on the ground in an awkward way with his eyes partly open and blood coming out of his mouth.

One of the people that the youth on trial had been with said that just before the shot was fired he had heard a voice from behind him say, 'don't move Kadar', which he recognised as the voice of the youth on trial and said then that as he looked back he saw the man with his arms outstretched, holding what looked like a black sock in his hands and then saw his arms then come down to his side. The friend said that the youth then spun around and ran off across the park.

The friend said that he then went towards the car park and saw Kadar Hussein there, lying on the ground with a hole in his head. He said that Kadar Hussein's head was swollen and that he had blood running out from his right ear and nostril.

After Kadar Hussein was shot, he was taken to hospital but died the following morning at 7.55am.

It was said that after the shot was fired, the youth accused of the murder ran off across Royston Field and then into Franklin Road and then disappeared.

The friend of the man that was tried said that about an hour after the murder, the youth called him in an eight-second call on his mobile phone to ask if Kadar Hussein was alright and said that he replied, 'No'. The friend said that when the youth asked again if Kadar Hussein was alright, he replied, 'No. Stay away from me'.

The youth that was tried for Kadar Hussein's murder was identified as a suspect soon after the murder and a search was made for him, but it was not until 8 August 2013 that he was found and arrested.

At the trial it was heard that Kadar Hussein had been shot in a dispute over drugs and it was heard that Kadar Hussein had owed the youth money. It was heard that the dispute had been going on for a while.

The man tried admitted that he had been at the scene but denied shooting Kadar Hussein and said that he ran off because other people had run off.

Kadar Hussein had been an engineering/architect student.

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