Unsolved Murders

Ged Hyland

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 19 Mar 1998

Place: Shamrock Pub, Bengal Street, Ancoats, Manchester

Ged Hyland was stabbed in the Shamrock pub in Bengal Street, Ancoats in front of his family on 15 March 1998 and died four days later on 19 March 1998.

A man was convicted of his murder but later acquitted at a retrial.

The man accepted he had had an argument with Ged Hyland earlier in the Cheshire Cheese pub, saying that Ged Hyland had approached him and started trouble. He also admitted going on the run after the murder, but said that he had done so because of his fear of Ged Hyland's family who he thought were blaming him for Ged Hyland's murder. He also said that he didn't go to the police because he had dug himself into a hole. He was arrested ten weeks after the murder.

The man said that after the argument in the Cheshire Cheese pub, he and Ged Hyland had shaken hands and that he didn't see him again. He said that he afterwards went to the Hat and Feathers pub where he was later asked if he had stabbed Ged Hyland but said, 'No I did not stab Ged Hyland. I wasn't at the Shamrock when Ged was attacked'.

The man was initially convicted of Ged Hyland's murder, but a witness later stated that he knew that the man was not one of the people that had murdered Ged Hyland and a retrial was ordered in which the man was acquitted.

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