Unsolved Murders

Xenya Khan

Age: 36

Sex: female

Date: 6 Jan 2000

Place: Redmead Road, Hayes

Xenya Khan was found strangled in the back of her Mercedes convertible car in Redmead Road, Hayes.

She was dressed in her nightie and an overcoat. The court heard that she was a shoplifter and was involved in cheque book fraud and wrote fraudulent cheques and that shortly before her death she had been arrested. It was suggested that she was murdered by an associate who she had got into trouble with.

When her car was examined the police found evidence of a struggle having taken place before she was strangled.

Her lover was tried for her murder but acquitted. He said that he didn't see her on the night she was murdered, saying that he had spent the night at home.

He was said to have lured her to a late-night meeting and then strangled her. A housemate at the house that the man had lived at said that he had been on the phone for the whole time that the murder was said to have taken place and didn't hear anybody arrive or enter the house.

She was later found by a passer-by in the back seat of her Mercedes convertible car in Redmead Road.

When the police examined her car they found a cigarette butt in the footwell and after analysis found DNA on it that they could not identify. They also found a fingerprint in the car that they could not match.

Her cause of death was given as asphyxia and compression of the neck.

She had earlier admitted to a niece that she had been stealing from Marks and Spencers to earn a living. The niece said that Xenya Khan had told her that she would return to the store with stolen goods which she would then exchange for vouchers that she would then sell on. However, she was arrested shortly before she was murdered.

Xenya Khan had four children.

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