Unsolved Murders

Raymond Isaacs

Age: 21

Sex: male

Date: 16 Oct 2001

Place: Hounslow, Middlesex

Raymond Isaacs was attacked in the street by up to ten other people.

Several people were convicted of lesser offences, but no one was convicted of his murder.

He was punched, kicked and stabbed outside a Nando's and a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on Hounslow High Street and taken to the Middlesex University Hospital but died from a stab wound to the heart an hour and a half later. He had also been stabbed in the leg.

Raymond Isaacs had been to a cafe with his girlfriend, child and two friends in Hounslow on 16 October 2001. When Raymond Isaacs and one of his friends left to make a telephone call from a public phone box, it was said that one of his attackers started to stare at him and that there were then several confrontations between them.

Then, a man picked up a two to three feet long piece of wooden fencing and swung it at Raymond Isaacs.

It was said then that the man Raymond Isaacs was fighting then used his mobile phone to call in some other friends who arrived soon after with weapons.

There were then about 11 people attacking Raymond Isaacs and his friend. His friend managed to get into the cafe, but Raymond Isaacs ran off, but was caught outside a Nando's restaurant on the High Street where he was punched, kicked and stabbed.

It was said at one point that he had been surrounded by at least six people who were seen attacking him in a flurry of arms and legs.

The attack on him was said to have lasted only 15 seconds before the attackers dispersed.

Raymond Isaacs was left hanging over some railings. When his girlfriend arrived, she found him slumped on the pavement.

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