Unsolved Murders

Selhouk Behdjet

Age: 58

Sex: male

Date: 24 Jun 1994

Place: Noll House, Andover Estate, Hornsey Road, London

Source: www.islingtongazette.co.uk

Selhouk Behdjet was found stabbed to death at his flat in Noll House on the Andover Estate, Hornsey.

He was found dead at the scene having suffered from multiple stab wounds.

In 2014 a trial collapsed against a man accused of his murder after police corruption was linked to the evidence. The Crown Prosecution Service said that they dropped the case due to the fact that a key witness had died and that other witnesses could no longer be relied on. However, it was noted that when they dropped the case, they failed to notify Selhouk Behdjet's family that police corruption had also been a factor even though they were obliged to state the full reasons, by law, for such a decision to the family.

It was heard that Selhouk Behdjet was a drug trafficker and that he was murdered during a drug deal for several kilogrammes of heroin.

It was heard that the investigation into his murder was carried out by a policeman who later rose to a senior rank in the Metropolitan Police, but was found to be corrupt and that another policeman who was also later found to have been corrupt had been at the scene of Selhouk Behdjet's murder before the 999 call was received.

Selhouk Behdjet's daughter said that after Selhouk Behdjet was murdered, the police ransacked the flat looking for something. She said that she thought that it was strange at the time as they were looking through things that didn't relate to his murder, but just assumed that they had been doing their job. She said that a few weeks later another policeman came to her flat and asked her where Selhouk Behdjet kept his money, which she said sounded like a suspicious question.

The man that was arrested in October 2012 for the murder of Selhouk Behdjet spent two years on remand in HMP Belmarsh, known for being a high-security prison.

The corruption was identified in Operation Tiberius, an operation launched by the police eight years after Selhouk Behdjet's murder in 2002. In the report it was found that major organised crime syndicates could infiltrate Scotland Yard 'at will'. The report also stated that one of the corrupt policemen involved in Selhouk Behdjet's murder case had also been the cause of another case to collapse in 1998. One of the policemen involved later left the Metropolitan Police. However, it was further noted that before he left, he had been involved in a fraud charge against one of his informants, but that that case had collapsed after it was found that he had had unauthorised and undocumented contact with the informant during the investigation. It was then further noted that after the policeman left, he went on to become a successful businessman and employed the informant against whom he had been instrumental in causing the fraud charges against to collapse.

It was also noted that the corruption in the Metropolitan Police was also linked to the initial collapse of the Stephen Lawrence murder case as well as the failure to resolve the murder of Daniel Morgan who was killed with an axe in a pub car park.

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