Unsolved Murders

Jacob Bournkamp

Age: 52

Sex: male

Date: 4 Jun 2000

Place: New Cross Road, Deptford, London

Jacob Bournkamp was stabbed in the street by one of two men that walked past them.

He was also known as Jaap.

He had just left a gay sauna with a friend at about 7.15am and was walking along New Cross Road near to Deptford Town Hall when he was approached by two men and was stabbed in the stomach. The police said that they were treating the murder as a homophobic attack.

The two men were described as white, stocky and in their early twenties.

Jacob Bournkamp's friend said that when he saw the two men approaching he knew that they were looking for trouble and tried to avoid eye contact with them as they came towards them. He said that he kept looking in the opposite direction to them and just wanted to get to the other side of the street saying that he felt that they were not very desirable people. He said that it all happened so quickly, and he didn't realise that they had passed them other than getting a push from the elbow and hearing Jacob Bournkamp say 'ouch'. He said that he thought that the men had just pushed Jacob Bournkamp.

Jacob Bournkamp's friend said that they continued walking but after they had got a couple of feet along he said that Jacob Bournkamp lifted up his sweater and saw that he was bleeding and then collapsed.

Jacob Bournkamp was taken to Lewisham hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, but he died later in the day.

His post-mortem revealed that he had a two centimetre wide stab wound to his stomach and it was said that he would probably have fallen unconsciousness within seconds after being stabbed. The wound had pierced his liver and cut a major blood vessel to the heart.

His cause of death was given as being shock and haemorrhage from the stomach wound.

The knife that had been used to stab him was found in a nearby bin. It was described as having had a spider design on the handle.

Two men were later arrested, a 23-year-old man from Catford and a 30-year-old man, but they were never charged.

Jacob Bournkamp was a florist and was originally from Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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