Unsolved Murders

Brenda Cross

Age: 73

Sex: female

Date: 1 Sep 1991

Place: Antiques Shop, Pimlico, London

Source: find.galegroup.com

Brenda Cross was beaten to death in the basement of an antiques shop in Pimlico.

The owner of the shop, a retired 68-year-old actor, was tried for her murder but acquitted. The judge directed the jury to acquit the shop owner after hearing the prosecution’s case, stating that the evidence showed that it was inherently improbable that the shop owner was the murderer.

Brenda Cross was beaten 30 to 40 times with antique fire irons in the basement of the shop, called Antiques Shop, in Pimlico on 9 September 1991.

Brenda Cross, who was titled, Lady Brenda Cross, had been working at the shop part time for the previous ten years.

It was said that the shop owner had been in a bad mood on the day of the murder as Brenda Cross was planning to leave and he had not found a replacement and he had had to pay £40,000 in back rent and arrangements for a new lease on the premises were not going well.

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