Unsolved Murders

Wayne Ogilvie Thomas

Age: 37

Sex: male

Date: 19 Aug 2000

Place: Homefield House, Hazelwood Crescent, North Kensington

Wayne Thomas was shot in the face at his home.

He was a drug dealer selling crack cocaine and was said to have trod on the toes of other drug dealers.

He had been shot at close range with a shotgun.

Wayne Thomas had been a hairdresser and his nickname was Barber. At the time he had been selling drugs from his flat and was a regular crack cocaine user. It was heard that he would let local prostitutes use his home to smoke crack cocaine.

The police said that the fact that Wayne Thomas had started to sell crack cocaine from his home had probably upset other drug dealers in the area. A policeman from Operation Trident said, 'Unfortunately Barber was prepared to sell crack cocaine from his premises which would have caused upset among other members of the community among whom that was their own business. It would have trodden on their toes if Mr Thomas had set up business on his premises.'.

The police were called to his flat on 19 August 2000 after a neighbour found his body. He was identified by fingerprint records.

His post mortem stated that he had suffered face wounds caused by a shotgun fired at close range.

The police said that they interviewed other drug dealers in the area and said that without exception all of them made no comment in their interviews.

Wayne Thomas was from Spanish Town in Jamaica.

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