Unsolved Murders

Sean Lummes

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 23 Sep 1997

Place: St Georges Avenue, Sheerness, Kent

Source: courtnewsuk.co.uk

Sean Lummes was found dead in his home in St Georges Avenue in Sheerness, Kent.

He had been stabbed up to 90 times, had his throat cut and was beaten with a hammer.

His wife and her lover where initially convicted of his murder in March 1999, but their convictions were later quashed in 2001 when they were found to be unsafe after it was heard that the judge had failed to adequately direct the jury that they had to consider the charges against the wife and her lover separately. A retrial was ordered but the prosecution offered no evidence.

At the trial is was said that the lover had lured Sean Lummes to his home at the request of the wife and had then murdered him. It was heard that because Sean Lummes's wife had arranged for her lover to murder Sean Lummes the crime was as such a joint enterprise between them, however, they both denied any involvement.

However, it was also heard that Sean Lummes had had a number of affairs with married women and that at least one of them was said to have had a severe temper.

It was also heard that Sean Lummes had been involved in a beer smuggling racket.

It was also later heard that the forensic evidence indicated that the murder had been carried out by two people, but the prosecution had said at the trial that it was carried out by one person.

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