Unsolved Murders

Emma Grace

Age: 38

Sex: female

Date: 14 Jul 1951

Place: 110 Irlam Road, Bootle

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Emma Grace was found dead in a bath. A friend was tried for her murder but aquitted. She was accused of murdering Emma Grace during an argument but she said that a man with big ugly hairy hands closed the bathroom door behind her, threatened her with a gun and then lifted Mrs Grace into the bath and held her under until she drowned.

Emma Grace lived at 110 Irlam Road, Bootle which was a three-storey house. the ground floor was occupied by the woman who was aquitted of Emma Grace's murder. There was also a room opposite ther bathroom at the top of the first flight of stairs that was occupied by another person. the rest of the house was occupied by Emma Grace and her three daughters.

The bathroom was never used by the Grace family except for the toilet and the grace family all worked during the day and slept together in a large front bedroom in two seperate beds.

On 25 May 1951 Emma Grace left work with her wages at 3.45pm and was seen to have been let in by the woman who was aquitted of her murder at about 4.25pm. During the next 30 minutes screams and shouts were heard from the upstairs and two neighbours went into the house to investigate and found the woman who was aquitted of the murder in the bathroom with the door closed. they asked if she was alright and on the first occassion she said 'I take my bath' and then asked them to give the children who were screaming downstairs some biscuits.

Minutes later the woman who was aquitted of the murder went into a a nearby shop. She was distressed, had no shoes on and her blouse was open and her bosom exposed and her hair and clothes were wet. She told the woman that there had been a man in the bathroom and the shop keeper went to have a look and found Emma Grace dead in the bath which was full of water.

The shopkeeper pulled out the plug and the police were called and arrived at 5.05pm.

In the bath was found one of her shoes, a purse and several personal belongings. her other shoe was found behind the door of the bathroom.

the autopsy showed that she had died from drowning whilst partially conscious due to the injuries to her head.

The woman who was aquitted waited downstairs in the kitchen and kept repeating that she heard Emma Grace cry out and she went upstairs and found her lying on the floor in the bathroom bleeding from injuries to her head and that as she entered the bathroom she was siezed by a man who closed the door behind her and threatened her.

The police said that it was practicly impossible for a man to conceal himself behind the door in the bathroom which was very small. the police also said that the woman who was aquitted of the murder made no mention of the money that was found hidden under the fireplace of the room opposite the bathroom having said that the man rushed out of the bathroom after and out through the front door.

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