Unsolved Murders

Damian Clough

Age: 12

Sex: male

Date: 4 Apr 2009

Place: Kinara Close, Keighley

Damian Clough died in a fire at his home.

Two teenagers were charged with his manslaughter but were acquitted. The court heard that it was not possible to satisfactorily identify who had set fire to the house on the night.

They had been two teenagers from a group of five that had earlier been to the house to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes that they had bought earlier. The court heard that the other three teenagers had left earlier.

They had blamed each other for starting the fire.

Damian Clough had been alone in the house at the time and died from the poisonous fumes released by the slow-burning fire.

When firefighters forced their way into the house they found Damian Clough in his bedroom lying naked on a blanket.

The court heard that two fires had been started before 10pm by use of a naked flame set to an armchair in the living room on fire as well as something in the kitchen which had soon gone out.

Damian Clough was autistic and had severe learning difficulties and was unable to react to danger.

At the time his mother had left him alone and gone out to work.

The family dog also died in the fire.

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