Unsolved Murders

Richard White

Age: 27

Sex: male

Date: 4 Dec 2000

Place: Brixton, London

Richard White was shot dead in Brixton.

He was shot twice in the neck as he was going to meet a friend in Brixton.

Two men were tried at the Old Bailey for his murder but acquitted. They were however convicted for trying to kill another person earlier on in the same evening that Richard White was shot.

It was thought that his murder was related to the murder of a man in Jamaica. The man in Jamaica had been the boss of the Black Roses Crew and a Yardie. The man's gang, the Black Roses Crew, had been at war with the Gem Street gang in Jamaica, and the troubles spread to the United Kingdom. The gang boss was shot in a drive by shooting.

The two men that were tried for Richard White's murder were said to have earlier been driven in a black Mercedes car to the Duke of Wellington pub in Brixton on the night of 4 December 2000 where they shot another man at close range. However, the bullet went through the other man's clothing and missed him. The other man then ran off down an alleyway and then got on a bus and escaped.

It was said then that the two men got into a white Toyota Corolla car and then shortly after shot Richard White.

The men denied shooting him, saying that they were being set up because of their connections to the Gem Street gang in Jamaica.

Richard White's half-brother had said that he had seen the two men at the scene of Richard White's murder. However, he also admitted that he had lied in earlier statements.

After the shootings the two men fled to Nottingham where they were later arrested.

The jury acquitted the two men of Richard White's murder, but they were sentenced to ten years for the attempted murder of the other man that they shot at.

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