Unsolved Murders

Winston Pierre

Age: 35

Sex: male

Date: 29 Apr 2002

Place: Cheesman Terrace Estate, London

Source: www.standard.co.uk

Winston Pierre was stabbed at a block of flats on the Cheesman Terrace estate.

A man was tried for his murder at the Old Baily but acquitted.

Winston Pierre was described as a petty crook and was said to have stolen a mobile phone from a person sat at a table in a restaurant on Lillie Road in Fulham.

However, it was said that he had later been confronted over the theft at a block of flats and then stabbed.

He was heard to plead with his attacker saying, 'Leave it out, I won't do it again'. He was shortly after found lying in a pool of blood having been stabbed. He suffered a fractured skull and had been stabbed in the back and chest. He had managed to stagger some way down some stairs before collapsing on the first-floor walkway at the Cheesman Terrace estate.

The man that was tried for his murder was found to have had some of Winston Pierre's DNA on his blood-soaked bracelet but in court he said that he had got the blood on him after he had gone to Winston Pierre's assistance after seeing him assaulted by an unknown man. In the man’s statement to the police he said 'I'm not responsible for the death or murder of Winston Pierre. I have known him for many years and we are on good terms'. He said that Winston Pierre had been to see him earlier to sell him a stolen phone so that he could buy drugs, but that he had told him to go away. He said that after Winston Pierre left he looked out of his window and saw him being attacked by an unknown white man. He said 'There I saw Winston and another non-black man struggling and pushing each other. I saw the other person run off.'. The man said that after that he went out to help Winston Pierre.

He said that Winston Pierre was covered in blood and had his hands on his chest and that he must have got the blood on his bracelet when he moved Winston Pierre's hands and attended to him.

Winston Pierre had two children and was from Trinidad.

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