Unsolved Murders

Anthony Robinson

Age: 28

Sex: male

Date: 22 Oct 2003

Place: Bristow Road, Gipsy Hill

Source: www.met.police.uk

Anthony Robinson was shot in Bristow Road, Gipsy Hill.

He was driving along the road in his silver Fiat Punto car when a dark-coloured saloon car forced him to stop. He then got out and was shot in the chest at close range by the driver.

He had just left his mother's house at about 9pm. He had driven a short distance when, just before he got to the junction of Berridge Road, the saloon car driving the other way blocked him. It was thought that there had been two black men in the saloon car and that they had both been sitting in the front seats.

When Anthony Robinson got out of his car and walked towards the saloon car he was shot several times at close range.

Anthony Robinson was taken to Kings College Hospital by ambulance but was pronounced dead on arrival.

He had been shot in the back and chest as well as the neck. His cause of death was given as a single gunshot wound to the back and chest.

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