Unsolved Murders

Louise Kay

Age: 18

Sex: female

Date: 24 Jun 1988

Place: Polegate, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Louise Kay vanished without a trace in the early hours of Friday 24 June 1988.

Neither she nor the car she had been driving, Registration RFG 740R, were ever seen again.

She had been living at home with her parents in Polegate, Eastbourne at the time. She had tried a few jobs but had been unemployed for the month prior to her disappearing and had been planning on going to Cornwall the following week.

On the Thursday night before she vanished, 23 June 1988, she had gone with her boyfriend and some friends to a disco on the pier in Eastbourne. However, on the way back whilst driving in her car home shortly before 4am, with her friend and their boyfriends, Louise Kay had an argument with her boyfriend after he told her that he was unable to go to Cornwall that weekend because of his Giro payment and having to pay the rent on his flat.

Louise Kay's friend said that by the time they got back to her home in Watts Lane, Eastbourne, at about 4am, Louise Kay was calmer but still in a bad mood. It was a four-mile journey home from Louise Kay's friends’ home to her own, but she never arrived home. Her friend later said that Louise Kay had told her that she wanted to sleep the night at Beachy Head, and it was thought that she had driven off in that direction.

Louise Kay was 5ft 6in tall, had a slim build, light-brown hair and green eyes.

Her car was a gold Ford Fiesta and had a white driver’s side front door. The police asked scrap dealers to check their records for June and July 1988 for any such cars that they might have scrapped.

A convicted serial killer that had been living near Eastbourne at the time was questioned over her disappearance in 2010 but no evidence was found to connect him to her case.

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