Unsolved Murders

Russell Bohling

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 2 Mar 2012

Place: Bempton Cliffs, Bridlington

Russell Bohling vanished on 2 March 2010.

His car was found at Bempton Cliffs the next day. He had paid for a days parking.

It was thought that he might have had an accident or killed himself but his family think that someone else was involved and have asked the police to open a murder inquiry. However, the police have said that there is no evidence of third-party involvement and are treating his disappearance as a missing person case. However, they added that the case was complex and were keeping an open mind.

His parents said that they think he was murdered over a £300,000 inheritance, noting that he was about to be given a house and cash by them to give him his independence and allow him to start his own business. His parents said that he had been excited three days earlier as he discussed his plans and the inheritance with them.

They had bought three properties, one for each of their sons about 15 years earlier with the intention that their son's would be given them when they reached 18 years of age and said that they could do as they liked with them, including selling them. His father said, 'Surely if he was just going to run away he would have waited until he got his inheritance'. His father said that he had told his sons not to tell everyone about their inheritances because of gold diggers asking them for money.

They also said that he was, 'very happy with his studies and life'.

His parents said that they thought that Russell Bohling had gone to the beauty spot at Bempton Cliffs to meet someone he knew or that he had been involved in a failed abduction attempt.

They said that if Russell Bohling had committed suicide that his body would have probably been found.

He had lived in West Ella near Hull and had been a student at Bishop Burton College where he had been doing a bricklaying course, which he had been heading off to when he was last seen.

It was also said that he had looked a bit smarter than usual when he had left home that morning.

Russell Bohling was said to have been a vulnerable youth because of a speech disorder he had.

His inquest in December 2019 returned a narrative verdict ruling out suicide ,stating that somehow died in the sea. The coroner said, 'based on the submissions of the police that no body has been found, I believe somehow he died in the sea at Bempton Cliffs. We do not know how Russell came to die'.

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