Unsolved Murders

Keith Webb

Age: 57

Sex: male

Date: 26 Jan 2003

Place: Ellison Road, Streatham, South London

Source: www.theguardian.com

Keith Webb was found tied up and tortured to death in his room in Streatham, South London.

He was found tied up and gagged and it was thought that he had been dead for about three weeks. It was thought that he had been tortured.

It was said that a drugs gang had taken over his house beforehand and turned it into a drug den but he had tried to throw them out.

His autopsy stated that he had 'died as a result of maltreatment at the hands of a suspect or suspects'. He had been repeatedly kicked and punched. It was said that he was left and that he had choked to death.

His house had earlier been used as a drugs den but Keith Webb had asked the police to evict them. He had initiated eviction procedures against the drug dealers and applied to the County Court for an eviction order. Then on 4 October 2002 the police executed a drugs search warrant and armed police raided the house and evicted a number of people. However, they soon came back and Keith Webb started to stay in his upstairs attic bedroom. It was a three-storey house.

Some of the people that had been using his house as a drugs den were later identified. The police later said that drug gangs were often resorting to invading the homes of the elderly and mentally ill in order to turn them into crack dens.

Neighbours at the house said that on one occasion one of the men in the drugs den had shot himself in the foot while cleaning his gun and that on another occasion they had seen a blood-soaked man jump over a garden fence into a neighbours garden. They said that armed police were called out time after time. They said that the drug dealers would be thrown out but that they would just come back, sometimes as quickly as the following day.

A man that had put in some doors for Keith Webb said that it was clear what was going on and that Keith Webb was terrified. He said that 'His house was a crack house with people coming and going at all hours, arriving in big cars and draped in gold jewellery. Armed police were always turning up with machine guns, taking cover behind cars before storming in.'.

Keith Webb was an engineer and had never been in trouble with the police. He lived alone but his family had lived in the house for over 20 years after having come to the UK from Jamaica.

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