Unsolved Murders

Kulwinder Bilku

Age: 40

Sex: female

Date: 3 Apr 2002

Place: Camerton Builders Merchant, Colham Green Road, Uxbridge

Source: www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk

Kulwinder Bilku was stabbed to death after being lured to a builders yard in Uxbridge.

A man was tried for her murder but cleared.

Kulwinder Bilku was stabbed seven times in the chest with an 8 inch kitchen knife. Nearly every organ in her body had been cut through.

The doctor said 'Each of the stab wounds she received could have been fatal. I would expect her to have collapsed within two to three minutes of the attack'. He said that she had two stab wounds to her chest, one in her left armpit, two in her back and two stab wounds to her abdomen and that some of the blows had cut through bone. He said the stab wounds had cut through her left lung, liver, ribs, stomach, pancreas, gullet and aorta. He said that she also had defensive wounds to her hands.

Kulwinder Bilku had lived on Strathern Avenue in Hayes with her daughter.

The man who was tried for her murder had been her partner and it was heard in court that he had become obsessed with her 18-year old daughter and wanted to marry her but that Kulwinder Bilku would not let him. It was heard in court that he had inscribed the daughters name on his arm with a hot knife.

In January 2002 the man moved into a flat in Sunnyside Cottages which was close to Camertown Builder's Merchant, in Colham Green Road where Kulwinder Bilku was found dead.

After Kulwinder Bilku's murder the man fled to Huddersfield although in court he said that he did so because he was afraid of being deported and not because he was the murderer. He was interviewed seven times but refused to answer any questions.

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