Unsolved Murders

Julian Monville

Age: 43

Sex: male

Date: 13 Jan 2004

Place: Ermine House, Parnell Road, Bow, East London

Julian Monville was stabbed in the leg and died. He was a drug user and was visiting a flat that was being used as a drugs den. The use of the flat had annoyed the neighbours of the flat below who were said to have gone up with some friends and stabbed Julian Monville after he had told the neighbour to f*** off. Two neighbours were tried for his murder but found not guilty.

It was heard that Julian Monville had been visiting the flat on the day and that the noise had made the neighbour below angry. The flat was rented to a man who was said to have been vulnerable and it was heard that he was taken advantage of by people that wanted to use it as a drugs den. It was also heard that used needles were being thrown out of the window into the garden below.

It was said that when the neighbour complained about people slamming doors that Julian Monville told him to f*** off, and that after that the neighbour lost his temper and called his father and two men and that they stormed the flat and stabbed Julian Monville in the leg inflicting the wound from which he bled to death.

However, in court the defence said that the main prosecution witness, the owner of the flat used for the drugs den, was lying and that the father had said that he wasn't even at the scene. The neighbour from the flat downstairs admitted that he had a knife but said that he only threatened to use it.

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