Unsolved Murders

Michael Green

Age: 23

Sex: male

Date: 28 May 2014

Place: Tyesdale, Bretton, Peterborough

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Michael Green was found dead in an underpass by a dog walker in the early hours of 28 May 2014.

Four teenagers, three boys and a girl, were tried for his murder, in Cambridge but acquitted. They said that Michael Green had hit a girl earlier on in the evening and that he had later squared up to them in the underpass and that they had acted in self-defence.

Michael Green had known the teenagers and had been drinking with them earlier.

The teenagers were said to have been heavily drunk at the time and to have beaten him in the underpass, and to have then gone off to a party.

It was heard that two of the youths that were said to have attacked him, a 15-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy, had been drinking vodka earlier in the evening at Michael Green's house that Michael Green had bought for them. It was said that they had been drinking vodka at his house for some hours. It was further heard that whilst they had been drinking at Michael Green's house, Michael Green had become very drunk and had started to come on to the 15-year-old girl, making her feel uncomfortable, and urging her to dump her 16-year-old boyfriend. It was heard that when the 17-year-old boy at the house told Michael Green to stop, Michael Green had become violent with him and pinned him by the throat.

It was heard that Michael Green's mother had been home at the time and that when she had told him to stop drinking, he had become abusive and had accidentally hit the 15-year-old girl.

Michael Green's condition, which was described as being very drunk at the time, was said to have been complicated by antidepressant and painkiller medication that he was taking after having fractured his collar bone. It was also added that he should not have been drinking whilst on the medication.

It was said that after the incident, Michael Green and the 15-year-old girl and the 17-year-old boy left Michael Green's house for the party. It was said that when the group met the other youths in the underpass, that the 16-year-old boyfriend of the girl confronted Michael Green about the incident earlier at his house, and that Michael Green then threatened to fight all three of the boys and pushed the 15-year-old girl out of the way.

It was said then that the 16-year-old boyfriend then hit Michael Green on the head with a vodka bottle, causing him to fall face down onto the ground after which they all started to attack him.

The court heard that he had been hit twice in the head with a vodka bottle and also kicked and stamped on repeatedly.

A second teenage girl that had not been involved in the attack gave evidence for the prosecution, saying, that the 16-year-old boyfriend had hit Michael Green causing him to fall and that two other youths then started, 'jumping on him, like proper boom boom, stamping on him. They were proper going for it'. She said that after that, Michael Green had been, 'white, motionless and silent'.

The other girl said then that after they left Michael Green in the underpass and started to walk off, the 15-year-old girl ran back, turned Michael Green over, and kicked and stamped on him again until another youth told her to stop.

It was also said that after attacking him they had stolen his wallet, mobile phone, a neck chain and a bracelet, and then gone off to the party.

The vodka bottle said to have been used in the attack was later found nearby by the police who later found the fingerprints of two of the youths charged with Michael Green's murder on it.

The prosecution said, 'It began with a vicious assault by the 16-year-old using a weapon inflicting brute force to Michael Green's head and causing him to fall to the floor. He never got up from that blow. The other three defendants saw that blow and saw its effects clearly. They then got in on the act using, either their fists or their feet while Michael Green remained on the floor defenceless'.

His post-mortem stated that he died from head injuries.

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