Unsolved Murders

Aamena Hussain

Age: 28

Sex: female

Date: 3 Sep 2013

Place: Grove Green Road, Leyton

Source: www.murdermap.co.uk

Aamena Hussain was found dead in her home having drowned.

Her death was considered suspicious. Her initial post-mortem was inconclusive and toxicology tests were requested, however, it was later determined that she had died from drowning.

The police were called to her home on 3 September 2013 at about 3.38am.

A man was later arrested on suspicion of her murder but was not charged.

She had previously been in contact with the police on 1 September 2013 after reporting an assault on her in Leytonstone Road, near Maryland Train station. The police arrested a 33-year-old man as a result of the incident, but he was released the following day, 2 September 2013. Aamena Hussain was found dead in the early hours of the following day.

Aamena Hussain was also known as Jyoti Puaar.

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