Unsolved Murders

Camille Gordon

Age: 23

Sex: female

Date: 1 Mar 2004

Place: Blue Bunny Club, 7 Archer Street, London

Camille Gordon was stabbed in the chest outside a clip joint in Soho on 1 March 2004.

A main suspect was filmed on CCTV walking away towards Shaftesbury Avenue, but never caught. He had been wearing a blue baseball jacket with the Cleveland Indians motif on the front in red and was later seen after the murder to take the Bakerloo line south. He was described as being black, 5ft 8in tall and in his mid 20s. CCTV footage was later released of the man at the tube station.

Camille Gordon had been working at the Blue Bunny Club at 7 Archer Street. It was thought that she had charged the man about £375 after only spending 10 minutes with him and that there had been a row over it with the staff and that he had left after paying £80.

It was said that the Blue Bunny Club was being run as a clip joint and that it was Camille Gordon's role to get men into the club by making them think that they would be able to watch a sex show or have sex themselves. However, once inside the club the men would be charged large amounts for nothing other than spending some time with the hostess.

The man had gone to the club at about 6.20pm and met Camille Gordon in the doorway and then gone downstairs with her. He was given the £375 bill after spending ten minutes with her and after the dispute over it he had left after paying the £80. However, the man came back about an hour later at 7.10pm and stabbed Camille Gordon in the chest as she stood in the doorway as before. After he stabbed her she staggered downstairs into the club and collapsed. After stabbing her the man ran off along Archer Street towards Great Windmill Street and then into Shaftesbury Avenue.

Camille Gordon was taken to the University College Hospital but pronounced dead at 10.25pm. Her post-mortem stated that she died from a single stab wound to the heart.

The Blue Bunny Club later closed.

The police said that they could not shut clip joints down as they did not serve alcohol or provide sex which would have been crimes under licensing or prostitution legislation.

The police also said that Camille Gordon had gone to Castaways in Peckham High Street earlier in the morning to meet a man that she was thought to have known from Birmingham who had later driven her home and said that they were interested in meeting that man.

The police also said that they wanted to speak to a man that had come into the police station to give a statement.

Camille Gordon had been from Jamaica.

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